Laundering and mending your Boat Bike Beach convertible dress appropriately will increase its longevity. When producing with small batch remnant fabrics, the care recommendations are often not provided, therefore we have tested the laundering of our hand selected fabrics in-house.

All convertible dresses are machine washable, and each batch has specific washing instructions on the product page. When in doubt, wash on delicate (or spot clean when appropriate) in cold and hang dry. Our fabrics with noticeable texture, such as "Puckered Whitewash" should be laid flat to dry. 

As for mending, our convertible dresses are created for adventure. If a loop, strap or button comes loose, these are simple fixes. If you missed Home-Ec class like me, find a local alteration shop or Youtube is always helpful! 

In our hometown, Charleston, SC, we recommend

Charleston Prestige Cleaners.