Tired of shoving her dresses into her underpants or bikini when ready to bike her kids to school or hop in her boat, Sarah Glenn Smith envisioned a dress that could become loose-fitting pants, but how could that be without looking ridiculous? Although born in Charleston, SC, Sarah lived out her childhood in Atlanta. She did return to SC to graduate from the College of Charleston but then careered in NYC for the following 12 years.  In 2019, after a family weekend on Kiawah Island, her 10 year old niece experiencing the same dress/shorts dilemma solidified her desire to move forward and design a convertible dress that marries fashion and function.  Together they dreamed up a convertible dress encouraging on a whim adventure with flowing femininity.  After 4 years and many iterations, Boat Bike Beach launched the Dog Days, a convertible dress that barely grazes the skin.  Unlike cringey unflattering shorts, our dress keeps you cool on the hottest of days, and offers convertibility to harem pants with a simple loop and button which not only covers the skivvies but keeps the fabric out of the spokes when biking down the beach, toward the school, onward to cocktail hour or... whatever the destination may be!  A second loop can attach to the same button creating a functional bubble providing the leg room needed to play in the sand with your toddler or grab the bowline when hitting up the marina. 

Although inspired by low-country boating and biking, Boat Bike Beach caters to a multitude of adventures- perhaps you're an elementary teacher who engages with your students on the classroom carpet. Perhaps it's for your fun-as-hell bridesmaids who need the flexibility to party, to look sober and to be restful-looking in elegant flowy dresses at your beachside wedding. 

Dog Days, was designed with a feminine, flattering yet fluid drape, a low back with criss-cross adjustable straps keeping those suckers on your shoulders through every adventure.  We added ruching details, deep side pockets and ensured a playful boho-vibe preparing you for the hottest of days.  What's your adventure? Find it with Boat Bike Beach! 

We have 2 more designs in the works, the In-Law and Jam Band.  Sign up for email updates to see sketches along the way.  A new design will launch each season and each will be produced out of unique and hand-selected small quantity fabrics in various materials and colors supporting our mission of sustainability. We aim to use remnants whenever possible.